Welcome, Parents!

Parents are essiental in helping their sons grow into outstanding individuals. College is a large step in these young mens lives and with our guidance and leadership under the values of Phi Gamma Delta, we want to help develop your son and our brother into the best person they can be.


Whether your son has already been intiatied or is considering joining our chapter, we welcome the opportunity to tell you about our fraternity and answer any questions you may have. 

Famous Phi Gam's
  • Calvin Coolidge (Amherst, 1895): Thirteenth President of the United States of America

  • Philip H. Knight (Oregon, 1959): Co-Founder, Owner & President, Nike Corporation

  • Jack Nicklaus (Ohio State, 1961): Professional Golfer

  • John Carson (Nebraska, 1949): Former Host, NBC's The Tonight Show

  • Dean Smith (Kansas, 1953): Former University of North Carolina Basketball Coach

Greek Life Facts
  • 65% of fraternity members graduate from college, compared to 45% non-members.

  • Of the current United States Senators and Representatives, 24% are fraternity members.

  • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910 have been Greek. 

  • Of the nation's 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks.

  • 85% of Fortune 500 executives are fraternity members.

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Parent FAQ

What is a Greek Organization?

A Greek organization is a group of individuals of similar interests bonded together by common goals and aspirations. These bonds are created through rituals in which all members participate. Rituals are based on common principles. Each group works to instill these ideals in their members through their everyday activities. It is referred to as a Greek organization because the name consists of Greek letters. These letters serve as a reminder of the values of the group. 

How will my sons grades be effected?

One of the responsibilities of being a member in Phi Gamma Delta is achieving academic excellence. Our chapter takes academics very seriously and we offer many incentives to promote good grades. Phi Gamma Delta offers a $250 scholarship to every newly initiated member who earns a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester. Our chapter also offers a dues reduction for good GPA's, group study rooms, and weekly giftcard raffles for members who recieve A's.

One of the biggest advantages to fraternity life is the network of support your son will get from his peers. We try to develop an environment where older students and alumni act as mentors for newer members. This social support helps provide for the day-to-day social needs of your son, particularly given that he is in a new environment, and probably far-removed from the parental support he received up till now. We were founded and still exist to provide a home away from home—a second family for our brothers.

What will my son get out of this?

You'll be amazed at what your son will get from his fraternity experience. Joining a fraternity rounds out the collegiate experience. Here's what a fraternity offers: lifelong friends, leadership opportunities, social and sports activities, academic support and excellence, and networking opportunities. 

What is the time commitment for being involved in a fraternity?

A member of a fraternity can expect to contribute two to four hours per week for meetings and mandatory activities. If a member has the time, he can also choose to participate in optional activities, such as holding a leadership position, attending social events, helping out with various projects, etc.