History of Phi Gamma Delta
Our Mission
The Beta Nu Chapter

As students, the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta realize that school is the first and foremost concern for all students at Appalachian State University. Maintaining high academic standards is our top priority. To ensure scholarship comes first in each and every one of our brothers lives, Phi Gamma Delta offers a scholarship of $250 that is rewarded to any brother who achieves a 3.2 GPA or better during their pledging semester. The Beta Nu Chapter also offers a discount on semester dues for brothers who earn a 3.5 GPA and a larger discount for brothers who earn a 3.8 or higher GPA. 

Scholarship Opportunities

"Phi Gamma Delta exists to promote lifelong friendships, to reaffirm high ethical standards and values, and to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to provide opportunities for each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship, and social skills in order to become a fully contributing member of society."

The International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded on May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania by John Templeton McCarty, Samuel Beatty Wilson, James Elliott Jr., Ellis Bailey Gregg, Daniel Webster Croft, and Naaman Fletcher. Today, they are respectfully refered to as the "Immortal Six." The brotherhood created by these men over a century ago set the foundations and traditions that our fraternity still follows today. 

Phi Gamma Delta, also referred to as FIJI or Phi Gam, has initiated nearly 180,000 brothers since 1848. Currently, the Fraternity has approximately 10,000 undergraduate brothers in 161 chapters and 13 delta Colonies in the United States and Canada. 

The Beta Nu Chapter at Appalachian State University was founded in 2010. The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded on five core values, Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence. Every brother in Phi Gamma Delta works to live by these values. These five values are what drives each brothers actions and successes throughout his college career and beyond. 

  • Weekly brotherhood dinners

  • Pickup basketball, football and soccer

  • Mixers, date functions, and other social events

  • Gameday tailgates

  • Fall Pig Dinner

  • Spring destination formal

  • Various intramurual sports

  • Brotherhood skiing and snowboarding trips 

View our calendar to see our upcoming events!

Philanthropy and Service

Participating in service and hosting philanthropy events has been a tradition in our chapter since our founding. Through hosting philanthropy events our chapter has been able to raise money for countless local and international organizations and by participating in monthly service activities we have been able to make a difference in bettering our community. 

The Beta Nu chapters largest philanthropy event, Mustachio Bashio, is a one month contest within our chapter where brothers compete to raise the most money by growing the best mustache. This year our chapter was able to raise over $5000 for our national philanthropy, the United Service Organization. Our chapter also began a new event this year, the Phi Gam Can Slam 3v3 Basketball Tournament and Can Drive, which benefitted the Hunger and Health Coilition of Boone. 

Our chapter also participates in multiple service events throughout the semester. We have two adopted streets in the town of Boone which our brothers clean and maintain every month. Along with street cleanups we also visit Grandfather Mountain every year to help them with trail maintance and cleaning up animal habitats throughout their park. 

We try our best to stand by the values of Phi Gamma Delta knowing that service to others makes us better men now and in the future. Our goal is to raise more money, host bigger events, and to continue setting new goals each and every year. We believe that our hard work and dedication will help us reach our goal of to better the lives of those who really need it.